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Circle Safety is Ireland's first port of call for all HR Safety & Environmental professionals' software requirements - training programmes across all industry topics on a variety of platforms from best of breed developers, designed for in-house delivery or for e-learning

Our trained sales team will be happy to advise on platforms and most suitable title for your needs +353 (0)504 24666

Whatever your training resource need, our broad product range should produce a perfect solution. Our experienced team will help with the selection of the correct solution to your problem and will even give you free access to products to evaluate if that helps you with your decision. Having become the largest supplier in Ireland of training materials for the safety professional, we are pleased to have augmented our range to include resource material for the Human Resource specialist. Call us for details of our brand new customisable LMS platform, fully loaded with Vocam safety and HR training materials

The company was formed in 1996 to market the Vocam range of training programmes in Ireland. Since then, as the safety profession has grown, so too has Circle Safety. We are now the supplier of choice by more than 5000 employers and most of the consultant trainers. And the Vocam range of training products has grown to over 70 modules, most of which are now available in a choice of a variety of platforms, including DVD packs, library licenses for PCs or servers, Cloud based e-learning and now launching fully customisable LMS systems which come completely loaded with Vocam film material but also allow you to input any other material you wish. Circle Safety was originally formed to serve the republic of Ireland market but is now also actively involved in markets on N Ireland, Isle of Man & Middle East


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