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Vocam training porgrammes were initially launched in VCR and DVD formats. Now we can offer the same material in many different formats to facilitate delivered training, standard e-learning and, just launched, a fully customisable e-learning format.

Some of our formats
  • DVD packs
    Large selection of training packs for you to deliver training in health & safety, soft skills, environmental, quality, food hygiene and many other sectors

Library system
  • Train Now
    Up to 70 full DVDs held on your hard drive on an annual license basis. Usage is uncappped and new titles are also included in the license as soon as they are launched

  • Businesstraining-TV
    Access Vocam's entire worldwide library together with e-learning versions of many of them so you can either use them in your training delivery or send them to trainees for e-learning the system is supported by a full database which allows you to allocate training and store the training results
  • Customisable e-learning platform
    Just launched, we can now offer a complete LMS system, fully populated with training courses but with the facility to add your own documents, film, pictures, question sets etc. Take the tour Here

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